Cold Press Group

Great Coffee Fueling Great Technology

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Cold Press Coffee

We developed FIX Cold Press Coffee to help fuel our creative, fast paced approach to technology.

FIX is custom blend of South American and Indonesian beans that is 100% Fair Trade, Organic, locally roasted and delicious.

Available via nitrogen tap or bottle, we are really proud of this coffee and we think you are going to love it.

Image, Data Entry &
File Automation Services

From 100 to 100k images per day we can automate many of the tasks that photographers and retouchers spend valuable time on.

Our goal is to automate the repetitive tasks and data entry side of working with technology out of the picture so that creative people can focuse on being creative.

You've gotten this far on your own.
Let's see where we can get together.

We want to spend time with you coming up with great ideas. So how about we let the technology do the day-to-day and together we can work on the tomorrow?

Keep it open.
Keep it friendly.

You need systems that grow organically in response to your needs and the needs of your team.

We build open tools that anyone can support and update for years to come. We believe in cross platform technology that will grow with your business over time.